Last weekend I went to an estate sale by one of my favorite companies.  They always have great items, great prices and an eclectic mix.  The ad had two of my favorite phrases: packed house and lots of smalls!  I normally go for the smalls as I don’t need more furniture or other larger pieces. 

DSC03415 (1024x882) As I was ready to check out with my pile of sewing trims, scrabble game, and other misc items I spied in the case a couple of hedgehogs.   They are small about 4.5” high.  The name I saw on the tag was what intrigued me the most, Steiff.  anyone that knows that name knows that their animals are worth a bundle. 

So after checking them out and since I arrived just as the discounts were announced I decided that they needed to come home with me. 

How could I resist their cute little faces?  Their sweet and wild hairstyles that remind me of my own?  Their names are Macki and Mucki.  They were created in the 1950s.  The girl hedgehog is missing her apron on which her tag would have been attached, but the boy hedgehog is complete with his tag and button. 

You can go to an estate sale, but you never know what you might come home with.