I know I was going to show and tell my latest goodies, but this story I read today so appalled me that I had to share it and ask all of you to help!

US soldier’s father wins payout for church funeral protest

This is the story of a father that lost his son in the Iraq war.  His son’s funeral was protested by a church that held signs saying that his son died as a punishment for allowing homosexuality.  This man’s son was not gay, but a hero that died defending the rights of this group of people and their ability to protest. 

The father sued the “church” and won a settlement for the emotional distress they caused by picketing his son’s funeral.  The father had to use a side door to get into his son’s service and sneak out afterward. 

The judgment was overturned by an appeals court as it infringes on the “church’s” first amendment right to protest.  To add insult to injury the father was ordered to pay the “church’s” legal fees of $16,000!  They ruin his son’s funeral and he has to pay them for that!  That is beyond deplorable to me. 

I believe in God, I believe you have a right to your opinion, and am a friend to gays and lesbians.  I am appalled that this man who only wanted to mourn his son in peace has this kind of stress and anguish in his life and his son’s memory tarnished by this nonsense

I am asking all of you to take a minute and e-mail your senators/congressmen and let them know that you think they should do something to stop this practice at funerals.  Pass a law for God’s sake that makes it illegal to do this to any other parents mourning their sons and daughters.  Tell them to do it NOW!

The father has appealed to the U.S. Supreme court and they have agreed to hear the case.  We know that they will most likely side against the father, so let’s get our legislators on the case.  

Please pass this link and information along to get more people on the case.  Let’s send a message to this father and the other fathers and mothers that we appreciate the sacrifice their children made and we honor them.  No matter what you feel about the war you can certainly empathize with these families and their right to mourn in peace.