Once again I am participating in Kate’s ATC birthday swap.  I need to make my cards for March and will do so this weekend.  I am late (yet again)!  Since my birthday is in April some of the cards are arriving early.  Here are 3 I have received this week in the mail.

DSC03405 (755x1024)

From Anna Nowicki in the UK.  This one is a beauty and the colors so pretty. 

DSC03407 (718x1024)

From Simone de Haan in Holland this lovely card called Marbling.  Are the colors great?  I reminds me of poppies with the red spots. 

DSC03406 (712x1024)

And from Doreen Gray in Australia this lovely card. I live the flowers, the buttons and the colors. 

So far the month is starting out great and it is not even here yet!