DSC03334 (1024x655) I have had a cold since last Friday.  Over a week I have had this crud now.  UGH!  I am at the end of it, but it is hanging on.  Last weekend I forced myself to stay in and take care of myself.  It was beautiful, the sun shining and highs in the 70’s.  It was G L O U R I O U S ! 

While I was confined for most of the day (I did leave the house and take a drive for supplies each day) I hunkered down and made more bird pendants using Scrabble tiles.  I love the bird silhouettes and it reminds me of my walks through Dutch Gap, a local wildlife area.  I love nothing more than seeing a bird in silhouette against the sky or way up in a tree with the sun lit behind them.  That is what DSC03335 (1024x763) these remind me of. 

I made 42 in all.  As long as you are making them you might as well make lot of them, right?  I have a couple of shops that I will share them with.  I also had to make one of the girl pendants as a special order for a former co-worker so I threw a few of them into the mix, too. 

I love the little girl image with her arms wide open like she is waiting to be picked up or is out in the field spinning around to make her dress twirl in the grass and sunshine.  Remember when you were little and did that?  I felt like a ballerina and would collapse in giggles into the grass when I was too dizzy to keep standing up any longer.

DSC03337 (1024x768)

When you were little the world was magical wasn’t it?  The whole world was special and everything was a magical experience.  Even going for a walk was special as there were squirrels to chase, bunnies to hop after, dogs to get to chase you and the cat to pounce on you when you weren’t looking.  Then there were the baby chicks to snuggle with, the kittens and puppies to cuddle.  For a little girl the world was magic. 

Add to that mix, my Daddy that I could charm into or out of just about anything.  Candy, soda, cookies, money, change, whatever I wanted I batted the baby blues and he coughed it up.  Oh, to be a little girl again!


DSC03336 (1024x734)

Isn’t it nice that an afternoon of making bird pendants can transport you back to happier times and sunny memories!  Crafting is a journey after all and while I make things I try to conjure up a happier time when the world was easier and I was a little person in it. 

Thanks for travelling with me!