This week’s random act involved one of my favorite things to do…rummage sale.  I heard on the radio about a church yard sale that all of the proceeds were going to benefit a children’s charity.  I had a lot of things to do that day and I was catching a cold (caught it now) so I was not sure I wanted to check it out. 

I did finally make it up and out later in the afternoon and ended up at the sale in the last hour.  The price for my pile of goodies was “make us an offer.”  It was time to get rid of it.  Normally, I would bargain hard at that point and get it for next to nothing, but it was for charity so I handed them a $20 for the items that were marked about $10. 

I moved on to my next stop one of the shops I consign at to drop off the new necklaces I had made.  Imagine my surprise to find out one of the customers who saw my items left and came back with a surprise for me. 

A bevy of glass buttons…

DSC03323 (1024x768)

A bounty of Swarovski crystal beads with a few other glass beads thrown in…

DSC03324 (941x1024)

And a belt buckle of vintage variety.

DSC03325 (614x1024)

Random lady stranger…I think I love you!  :O) 

What random act did you surprise someone with this week?