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I remember as a little girl watching my Great Aunts crochet doilies using string and the tiniest little hooks.  From those raw materials they fashioned the most marvelous things.  Doilies that looked like flowers, runners that topped their dressers, and the tops of their chairs and davenport (that’s sofa to me and you). 

I then watched my Momma crochet granny squares to make a cover for curling up on the couch.  That gave way to the ripple afghans, the scarves, the hats, and the mittens. 

So once again I am coming back to my crochet roots.  In this case the string and the tiny hooks to make necklaces.  I still need to add the pendants and the buttons to close it, but they are just about done.  There are four in the picture. 

What craft did you learn from your relatives?