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I went to one of my local favorite thrift shops over the weekend.  I spied this dolly behind the counter.  She is a cloth doll, but nothing extraordinary.  Her price was right at $6!  I was checking her out and looking for anything that might give her away. 






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On her hand I spied this and thought I might be onto something.  I had no idea what Little Souls was, but thought that it was special if:

1.  the artist is copyrighted and incorporated

2.  The artist signed the doll





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I did a little more research and found this site for the dolls.  It seems they are all one of a kind, all created using thrift shop finds and all are start at $130 per doll.  I also found from googling that there is a rabid collector’s network of her dolls and that they troll Ebay for them. 


Cindy is VERY happy with her gut!  :O)