Here it is the Monday after Valentine’s Day.  I ate a bit of chocolate over the weekend.  Since I cannot have caffeine I try to be moderate in that consumption, but every so often the holiday of chocolate makes it very hard.  Especially, when the day after it all goes on sale at 75% off.  Ah…bliss! 

I hit a few thrift shops over the weekend and had some real scores.   


DSC03142 (763x1024)

At my local Goodwill I found this St. John jumpsuit for $8.99!  The Goodwill pricer must have been taking a snooze the day this one was priced.  Their clothes normally retail starting at $400. 

It is not my thing at all and, also, since it is a size 2 I have listed it and already have a bid!  That is a very good sign!   


DSC03097 (1024x673)

I also found a pair of Dr. Marten’s shoes.   I have wanted a pair, but not enough to pay the $100 or more for them.  I thought these were my size, but I read the tag wrong.  They are actually two sizes too small. 

No problem they are quite popular and also listed.  No bids yet, but a few watchers.   


DSC03146 (1024x753)

And, I found this Vera Bradley bag.  It is the second one of the exact same style I have found over the last two weeks.  It is a bit too small for my tastes, but others seem to love Vera!  And I LOVE that they LOVE Vera! 

I also found a quilt for $25!  I think it is a newer one, but it is very pretty and after a good washing I will show you a picture of it.  Take my word for it. It is pretty and has the sweetest red gingham ruffle and vintage type flower squares. 

The weatherman is calling for rain and/or snow tomorrow.  I took my car to be washed today to get the white crust from Wednesday’s 2 hour long and 30 mph commute to Richmond off of it, so surely it will be a mess.  The washing the car is almost a guarantee. 

I leave you today with this clip  from Sunday Morning.  It features Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (parents of Ben Stiller).  They are talking about love. 

Happy day after Valentine’s Day!