DSC03016 (768x1024)I must confess every now and then I make a mistake at the thrift shops.  It rarely happens, but this mistake that I am going to tell you about was huge and major!  I went to the Family Thrift Center on Midlothian Turnpike.   It is a great thrift shop, but always very busy, the aisles are narrow, and sometimes the other patrons are RUDE!  By that I mean, they don’t move when you patiently say excuse me repeatedly or if they do move it is 1/2 foot and not enough to get by them.  I have to be in a place that I am not rushed to go in. 

Their jewelry section is heaven.  They get the coolest things donated to them.  Many of the items are old, rare and one of a kind.  I saw a brooch in the case.  The picture is part of it.  It had a lovely black cameo on top of this.  It had some type of goop on the cameo and it was very dirty.  It was also marked $149!  It is large 3” by 2” and has a very old pinback on it. 

I put it back and forth a couple of times.  Instead of leaving it there the fact it was priced $149 and the gentleman that was also looking at it got the better of me.  Normally, the Family Thrift is right on with its pricing on their items.  I bought it thinking I had a major score.  I brought it home and soaked it in my trusty Dawn Dish liquid.  As I removed it from the Dawn and started using my fingers to rub it a bit, the cameo and its background disintegrated in my hands.  To say I was pi$$ed is an understatement!  I did release a few expletives into the air. 

I called the manager of the Family Thrift to explain what had happened to see if they might give me a refund or at the least a store credit.  Nothing doing!  Then I ramped it up to furious!  At myself mostly for not leaving it there.  It sat on my dresser mocking me for quite a while and I couldn’t bring myself to throw it in the trash as I had spent $149 for it.  Then the light went on. 

I have plans for this part of the brooch.  The most substantial part.  I will work on it this week and show you next week what it becomes.  Maybe I can make it look like it is worth the $149 I paid for it. 

Let this be a cautionary tale…if you MUST rub, rub VERY GENTLY!