DSC03017 (739x1024)

pencil cup!  At work we had a mug on the counter to hold the pens that the applicants used to complete the applications and the caregivers used to complete paperwork and sign for their paychecks.  It was knocked off the counter and broke so we needed a replacement.  I scoured the thrift shops and over the long and snowy weekend as I was making some corn chowder it hit me as I was ready to toss the can. 

I covered the outside with pencil fabric which I found as a remnant at my local fabric store.  On the bottom I affixed a felt circle to cover the can.  On the inside and the bottom is is also lined with black felt.  That way as the pens leak no one will know it’s become gross inside. 

It was a quick 15 minute project.  I gave the fabric edges a brush of mod podge to keep them from fraying as the cup is handled.  Aleene’s tacky glue was used to glue the fabric to the can.