DSC02953 (1024x764)This was at 9:30 on Saturday morning.  Snowing hard, fine and non-stop.  It continued for another 6 hours at 1 inch per hour according to the forecasters. 

DSC02952 (1024x768) 


DSC03006 (1024x757)  This was when it was finished.  We got 8 inches of the white stuff.  Lovely to look out the window at, but nasty to get around in.  I stayed in the house mostly except to go out and clean off the car, shovel the steps and snap a few shots. 

DSC03005 (1024x767)

DSC03008 (1024x730) DSC03009 (1024x768)

Let’s cross our fingers that they plow my side street soon!  It is only 40 feet to the main road, but it helps when the street is plowed as I can stop at the stop sign before proceeding to the main road!  Wish me luck!

It is really pretty, but will be gone by early this week as the temps are expected to climb to the 40s.  The Lord giveth and Mother Nature taketh away!  Oh well, it will nice while it lasts!