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I will be humming this song at about 3 this afternoon…

Pattie inspires me with her fabric and other creations.  Check out her blog and you will be inspired, too.

DSC02880 (769x1024) Sherry received a set of goth girl rubber stamps for Christmas and set about playing with some altered dominos.  I saw them and asked her if she would be interested in a 1:1 swap with me. 

She asked me to create a domino for her with the theme of dressmaking for her craft room.  Using the collage image group’s images, I found the appropriate picture.  It reminded me of my Mom teaching me to sew on her old Singer treadle sewing machine.  I would seesaw a metal footplate back and forth and use it to sew clothes for my Barbie. 

The domino was created by first painting it a soft pink color since it would show through.  I then used Mod Podge to layer on the pattern pieces and phrases from the pattern onto the domino and to adhere the front image to the domino. 

I then added the buttons and stickles for the glitter on the front.  To the back I added bits of thread, a vintage sewing label, letters on a string that spell sew and more stickles.  There 

DSC02881 (769x1024)

is an eye threaded into the top of the domino for the hanger.  Ribbon with ric rack glued to it is used for the hanger.  you cannot see it in the picture, but I connected the ribbons with a tiny safety pin. 

DSC02882 (768x1024)

I hope Sherry likes the domino she will receive for my trade.  I think I held fast to her theme and am pleased with the way it came out. 

DSC02877 (531x1024)The January ATC theme for the Fantastic Flat Paper Dolls Yahoo group is Queen of Hearts.  For the challenge you have to create a paper doll on an ATC.  There is some leeway with this as it can be an ATC where parts are jointed.  I decided to make an entire paper doll that folds up to ATC size. 

It took me better part of the day Sunday, but I did it.  The face is Helena Bonham Carter’s from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland which I found on the web and the feet are Reese Witherspoon’s that I found in a magazine.   The remainder is made from scrapbook paper, heart confetti, and bits of lace.  Her background is an old bingo card that I cut to ATC size stamped and embossed and then inked on the edges. 

Can you hear her decreeing to Alice:

“Off with your head!” 

RIP, Teddy!  I love you right back!

family.jpg image by calroswhen a family was real on television warts and all.

when Christy Macnichol was just a kid.

when Matthew Broderick’s dad was the patriarch.

when Sada Thompson made me wish she was my Mom.

Do you remember, too?

You have to check out this blog!  It is amazing the stuff that she finds while hitting yard sales. 


DSC02838 (734x1024)

I never actually drive to New Orleans nor have I ever been there, but sometimes a thrifty find can take you there.  Last weekend I went to the new Salvation Army Thrift Store on Midlothian Turnpike.  They have some cool jewelry from time to time.  This trip was no exception.  I found about 5 cool pieces, but this one intrigued me the most. 

Using my trusty Google I happened upon this site.  Endymion, that the pendant references is the Krewe of Endymion which is a parade in New Orleans during the Mardi Gras festivities.  The pendant references the 1986 parade with the theme, What Might Have Been.  The monarchs for that parade were Frank Meduna III, Michelle Louise Muniz, and Paul Anka.

The medallion center is an oval doubloon which they toss to the parade watchers during the parade along with lots and lots of beads.  The original parade started in 1967, the date on the front of the coin.  Each year a new coin is designed with the theme for that year’s parade. 


DSC02839 (756x1024)

Founded in 1967 and named for the Olympian God of Fertility and Eternal Youth, this Krewe is the largest in Mardi Gras history, rising to "Super Krewe" status in 1974. Billing itself as "the largest non-military parade in the world," it annually selects celebrity Grand Marshals who also preside over the Endymion Extravaganza held in the Louisiana SuperDome immediately following the Parade. The motto of this Krew is: "Token of Youth" and its members also boast the phrase: "Throw ‘Til It Hurts!"

It is neat how sometimes a thrifty find can take you on a day trip without buying the gas, paying for the hotel or standing in lines.

Where has a thrifty find taken you?

DSC02813 (1024x890)Recently at one of my favorite thrifting haunts, Thrift for Life (formerly Massey Cancer Center Thrift Store), I came across this lady.  She is very interesting in that her face is painted on with stitching to make her nose 3-dimensional.  She has her hair styled in a neat bun, white button earrings, and spectacles.  

All of her clothing is also handmade.  Her bloomers are fashioned with a drawstring, her skirt has a button closure, her blouse is trimmed with a linen collar and bits of trim on the front and cuffs, she is holding a lacy handkerchief, carries a straw purse, and wears a straw hat. 

DSC02814 (723x1024)

I am sure there is a story here.  Perhaps her face is that of a beloved Grandmother or Aunt?  The clothing fashioned from materials that were from the person?  The hankie she carries has to have belonged to that person as it is a full sized one. 

I think she is lovely and someone took a lot of love and care in making her.  I just wish I knew her story. 

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