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First, I should give you a bit of background.  I recently consigned some jewelry made from scrabble tiles (pendants and earrings) and dominos (earrings) and some of the customers asked for domino sized brooches.  I, being the lover of brooches that I am, like a big bawdy brooch of 2 inches or so.  These are 1” by 1.75”. 

I have the images mod podged on top of the scrapbook paper backgrounds, but know they need something more, but am at a loss for what to add.  This is where the assistance part comes in. 

I could add a ribbon border around the domino, but that doesn’t feel right to me. 

I could add some text like on Princess Grace either Princess, Elegance or Grace or perhaps a word. 

I thought about glittering the edges, but they will be worn on coats or blazers and I wouldn’t want the glitter to come off on their clothes.  You can coat the glitter, but then it loses some of it sparkle. 

I have some microbeads and that is a thought as they would not come off, but I need some suggestions. 

Help me!  What do you think?