DSC02938 (514x1024) This month’s challenge on Art & Soul was to create a Garden Goddess doll using this template, embossing powder and glitter in the construction.

This lady was fun to make and she came together slowly.  First, I picked the background paper.  I then inked the edges.  Then I stamped fern leaves to her front which I then embossed with gold.  I added paper and silk flowers and jewels to the front also.  I used stickles to enhance the jewels and to give the body a bit more oomph.  I also used Stickles for the centers of the green flowers. 

Her face is created using sculpey which I then painted and sanded.  I was going for a weathered statue out in the elements kind of look.  Her hair is a combination of blue nubby yarn and some reddish metallic that has a lit of sparkle. 

DSC02939 (761x1024)










The wire was shaped using my new toy, the thing-a-ma JIG

Can’t you see her hanging out in a garden among the flowers?