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Last year I participated in Kate’s Birthday ATC swap and decided to do it again this year.  There are some fabulous fiber artists that swap and I am privileged to be a part. 

There was one birthday in January and 5 in February.  I was really stumped on what to do for the ATCs.   Then I was close to February and most of the ATCs are sent overseas so I thought I would take care of both months together. 

A heart theme started forming in my head and then watching all of the devastation in Haiti I thought it an appropriate theme.  As I was creating the cards I thought about all of the peoples of the world and the rainbow of hope for Haiti.  Then my card was named, Love’s Rainbow. 

I started with a background fabric that was light pink and looked like it was topped with white crazed paint. I then took my antique brown ink and my alphabet stamp and stamped the background.  On top of that I fused the heart and then roughly stitched around it several times.  I then added a piece of yarn that has a rainbow of colors.  The thread I used it variegated and has a lot of the rainbow colors in it.  Between the layers it timtek to give it some stability. 

I really like the way the cards came out.  I like the faintly stamped lettering and how it antiques the card. 

The January card will be late, but February’s will be on time.