DSC02813 (1024x890)Recently at one of my favorite thrifting haunts, Thrift for Life (formerly Massey Cancer Center Thrift Store), I came across this lady.  She is very interesting in that her face is painted on with stitching to make her nose 3-dimensional.  She has her hair styled in a neat bun, white button earrings, and spectacles.  

All of her clothing is also handmade.  Her bloomers are fashioned with a drawstring, her skirt has a button closure, her blouse is trimmed with a linen collar and bits of trim on the front and cuffs, she is holding a lacy handkerchief, carries a straw purse, and wears a straw hat. 

DSC02814 (723x1024)

I am sure there is a story here.  Perhaps her face is that of a beloved Grandmother or Aunt?  The clothing fashioned from materials that were from the person?  The hankie she carries has to have belonged to that person as it is a full sized one. 

I think she is lovely and someone took a lot of love and care in making her.  I just wish I knew her story.