DSC02779 (768x1024)Card Happy contacted me about the Christmas ornament dominos I made to see if they were available for trade.  I let her know they were all taken, but I would be happy to make one for a 1:1 trade with her.  She asked if they might not be Christmas themed and told me that one of the things she liked was vintage ladies.  I found this image on the Flickr Collage Image Group’s pool and decided she fit the bill. 

The domino is painted gold and then I added a stamp and silver embossing powder to the back.  To the front I added the image, a faux flower and rimmed the image with some stickles gold glitter.  The eye was inserted after I drilled the domino to get it started.  I used gold and pink ribbon for the hanger. 

I am quite pleased with how she finished up.  I like the pink with the gold touches.  A perfect combo.