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I blogged about the scarf that I knitted while I was dog sitting and snowed in a couple weekends ago.  I mentioned that I thought it might need some felt flowers and two ladies agreed with me.  It was almost like they were reading my mind as the ideas they had were the same as mine. 

This weekend I had some time and decided to finish it.  I dug into my felted wool sweater stash to find some green and blue.  Then I dug into my button stash to find green and blue buttons for the centers.  I cut the wool in strips then gathered them to make the flowers I then used craft cord to sew them onto the blooms and the scarf.  It hid very well among the yarn. 


DSC02741 (1024x768)   DSC02742 (1024x783)

Now it feel like it is finished!  Don’t you agree?  I love the mismatched buttons.  How about you?