DSC02744 (615x1024) There is a nursery rhyme that talks about a dish running away with a spoon and a cow jumping over the moon, but in the case of this spoon it is staying right here with me!

I bought the spoon at my local Goodwill thinking it might be sterling silver.  After some research, I found it was silver plate.  As I had set it aside to return it to the Goodwill I looked at it one day and thought it would make a great altered doll. 

I used wire to make the arms and legs and covered it with brown twine to make it match the spoon’s tarnished color better.  To the bowl of the spoon I added an image that I rubber stamped onto a sewing pattern and then used mod podge to adhere it to the spoon.  I like how it looks like I stamped it directly onto the spoon and fades into the spoon. 

DSC02743 (622x1024)

Her dress is made using scrapbook paper that I glued together to sandwich the spoon inside.  I added bits of lace to the bottom, the sleeves, and gathered it a bit for the collar.  I made a lace apron and finished it off with a button to add a bit more jazz. 

I really like how she came out and plan to make some more as I find other interesting silverware pieces.  What do you think?