there was a Christmas Envelope from Sherry containing a lovely ATC,

DSC02722 (587x800)

a Christmas angel made using vintage sheet music,

DSC02721 (634x800)

I love Sherry’s art.  Her ladies have a very sweet and whimsical quality. 

And from Kayenderes to thank me for sculpey faces I made for her was a dream catcher…

DSC02724 (768x800)

or two…

DSC02725 (726x800)

She explained in her note that in her culture that corn is the most important of the three sisters to her.  The other two are beans and squash.  Her stitching is lovely and the woven dream catcher great. 

What a lucky girl I am to have great crafty friends.  I met both of these ladies through art swap groups.  Sherry commented that she doesn’t know what her life would be like without her arty friends on Flickr.  Amen.  I have “met” some of the nicest people and the greatest artists, too. 

Life is good!