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Yes, that’s right…it’s the PINK!

I have always been a fan of non-traditional Christmas colors for clothing.  Perhaps it is because the pastels are more flattering to my very pale Irish complexion.  

I loved this sweater the first time I saw it at T. J. Maxx a few years back.  It is made by Berek.  His sweaters are a bit pricey and this one even at T. J. Maxx was $49.99 if I remember.  That was too rich for wearing at the most 3 times a holiday season.  So I left without it.  After the holiday I was back again and then it went down on clearance.  It finally went to $15 before I bought it.  It is now my all time holiday fav. 

I love the bits of fake fur at the collar and cuffs, the beads, the reindeers in their boas and furry hats.  It is just cute. 

Tomorrow is the holiday social for our employees and clients at work so out it comes.  Cannot wait to make my entrance with it.  It is always a hit.  

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DSC02675 (614x1024)

I thought you might enjoy some close-ups! 

So I have thrown the holiday sweater gauntlet for 2009.  Come on readers you know you have them.  You know you want to show them…


Show me your tacky!!!

You know you wanna!