DSC02648 (973x1024)Yes, it did!  Everywhere around me, that is!  I heard about the flakes in Richmond, Midlothian, Lakeside, but none in Chester.  Not one single. solitary. flake!  ARGH!  I was so looking forward to seeing it.  I love the first snowfall of the season.

But I did get to see some flakes.  I found these at an estate sale on Friday morning.  They are all sterling silver and are the perfect ornaments for a tree.  They are really pretty.  Until I see the real thing, they will have to do. 

The baggie that contained them was in a box marked $1!   I took them to the check out lady with my other purchases and she said these are not a dollar as they are sterling silver!  I then asked (gulping to myself) how much they were.  She said, “three dollars.”  I said "three dollars? (incredulously).”  She said, “yes, three dollars.”  Me, “sold (containing my excitement).” 

I weighed them and they are 41.1 grams of sterling silver.  The silver alone is worth $22.73 if I sold them for scrap.  So SCORE!!!!