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While out thrifting the other day I came upon two of these pins.  They are marked Made in the USA, Sterling and are dated March 1926.  I got them for the whopping price of $1 each. 

Trying to research now where it came from.  I tried the obvious ones University of Texas, Tennessee University, and came across Utah University.  Not of the logos look like this one.  I sent an email to the University of Texas as they had a very active female student body at that time and it may be them.  Their colors are currently orange and they go by the nickname Longhorns, but it is worth a shot.  Company change logos all the time, why not a college? 

As I was looking over the pin I thought about the expert part.  Me, not so much of an expert!  I can type, I can type fast, accurate that is a whole other challenge.  I had to laugh as I would not have received an expert typist pin EVER!  I would have won the little engine that could award or, perhaps, the better luck if you keep working at it pin, but never expert. 

How about you?  Any ideas on the logo and who it might be?  And are you an expert at anything?  I might be expert at being a smart @$$!