DSC02628 (808x1024) I had been pet sitting for my little brother this passed weekend and wow, what a menagerie!  They have a dog, Shayna the Labradoodle, one large cat, Haji, two kittens, Graci and Emmit, and two hamsters Romeo and Pippie.  Most of my time was spent with the cats and the dog.  Shayna is one big baby dog!  She thinks she is a lap dog and spent most of the time sharing the chair with me and blocking my view of the TV.  She loved to be petted and to have her hair played with.  The kittens came by every so often for a little bit then Shayna jumped up in my lap and they scattered.  Haji finally came up to me on Friday.  I rubbed his belly for a while and he loved it…then came Shayna and off he went.  I had a lot of fun! 

It felt good to get back home today at lunchtime and have no commitments or anyplace to be.  It has been a while since that has happened.  I was late for the November birthday swap cards, well technically not late until Tuesday.  So I went for broke and while I was at it finished up the year’s worth.  I decided to raid my scrap bin as when I was driving home I DSC02629 (770x1024) kept thinking of a crazy quilt.  I am pleased with how it came out and even had some pieces left over so started working on another little project.  Nothing planned, it just happened.  More on that later. 

DSC02630 (811x1024)

I called the cards Scrap Bin Crazy Quilt.  I like how the batiks came together and the water stained ric rac and the leaf shapes I cut out.  I love the stitching, too’.