I thought I would revisit this post  since it is in the holiday spirit.   

I have mentioned my brother, Pat, before.  It seems that when Pat is around calamity befalls others, but never him.  You wonder why people hang out with him, don’t you?

Pat and his friends were coming home from a dance on Halloween and they were taking a short cut through the cemetery to get home that night.  As they were walking through the caretaker caught them and started chasing them.  Pat and his two friends started running.  Since it was night time they couldn’t see very well where they were going. 

When they came to the other side of the cemetery and hopped the fence Pat realized that one of his friends was missing.  They couldn’t go back and look for him as the caretaker was still chasing them.  So they decided to let him fend for himself and continued home.

Later that evening they decided to go back and see if the friend was caught by the caretaker.  They hopped the fence and headed toward the caretaker’s house, but were stopped short by someone wailing “help me.”  It must be a ghost they thought (after all they WERE in a graveyard).  Convinced they were hearing a spirit they decided not to hang around to see if it was a good spirit or a bad spirit and left. 

The next morning they were on their way to school and could still hear the wailing.  They decided, since it was daylight, to go and check it out.  As they got closer they could hear someone crying and pleading to be let out.  They realized it was their friend that had disappeared the night before. 

They followed the sound of his voice and found him!  He was at the bottom of a freshly dug grave.  He had, while they were running away from the caretaker, fallen into it.  He, because my brother was scared of ghosts, spent the night in that grave.  The cries they heard the night before were his pleading for them to let him out! 

They helped him out of the grave and took him home.  His mother asked what happened and Pat said he had fallen down a hill on the way to school.  The kid’s mother believed it.  That kid never let Pat talk him into any shortcuts that involved the cemetery ever again!

Can you blame him?