It is almost Halloween and the DSC02428 (1024x845) wind is filled with a bit of a chill and the colors of fall match the colors of the pumpkins.  Living in lovely Central Virginia we don’t have cold on Halloween.  For the last few years it has been in the 70’s on Halloween. 

I have had a wool Halloween sweater for the last 10 years and every year I unpack it with the hope of being able to wear it.  The Jack-o-lanters smiling among the candy corn details, but NO I have not even worn it once!  So after last Halloween I donated it to my local Goodwill store.  I thought perhaps someone would be able to use it and get some enjoyment out of it.  Perhaps someone passing through from a cold northern area would see it, love it and HAVE to buy it.  A girl can hope!

This year I wanted to make something that is season neutral so no matter the temp it could be my new Halloween signature piece.  A trip to the local Joann’s was all it took to give me the lightbulb (aha) moment.  I was in line to get some fabric cut and two very goth twenty-somethings were getting the Halloween text fabric cut.  They were talking about their plans for the holiday and the things they were going to make with the fabrics they were buying.

DSC02432 (663x1024) When it was my turn I asked the fabric cutter fellow how much the text fabric was?  He told me it was on sale for $4.99 a yard so I asked for a third of a yard and that gave me the inspiration to make myself a Halloween scarf.  I love scarves, I have a lot of scarves and the Halloween one was the perfect idea. 

I spent a few evenings, received some interfacing advice from this lady, and away I went.  The orange fabric was in my stash already and the fringe was picked up at a recent estate sale.  I cut 6.5” by 6.5” squares of the text, then spaced out  forgot cut the orange squares 6” x 6” and alternated the squares on each side.  The inside is thinnish flannel (two pieces) so it has a bit of heft.  I then kept sewing in squares until I met in the middle of the scarf.  I did unravel the stuff at the base of the fringe right against the fabric.  I thought I had it all inside the scarf, but maybe not, huh?  It looks much better without that strip at the top of the fringe. 

I love my new scarf and will get years of enjoyment out of it.  I am sure it will be a conversation starter, too. 

Happy almost Halloween!!