DSC02425 (728x1024) I loved the movie Mary Poppins when I was a little girl.  I loved the fun they had and the songs Julie Andrews sang.  How sad that her magnificent voice has been silenced!

The Altered Dominos & Other Altered Game Pieces group is having a Domino Doll Swap.  My recipient is Heather of Art By Heather.    So I had to work really hard to create something really special for her. 

I have really had Mary Poppins on the brain lately.  Not sure what made her pop in (lol, pun intended), but she has been in there for several weeks now.  The domino doll gave me the opportunity to create something using her. 

I am thrilled with how she came out!  The hat was a last minute addition.  The face pic I was using had a hat, but the checker I was affixing it to was not large enough for it.  It needed something more, so I used some black cardstock to make the brim which fit perfectly over the hat bit on the image.  I added a pink flower to complete the hat and to anchor the brim on. 

I added a cord held on with a button so that she would always be flying.  I loved it when Mary flew.  She will be flying off to Heather and she may have just arrived when this posts.