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I went to a yard sale a month or so back.  It was advertised as two artists and a designer cleaning out their stash.  It mentioned fabric, it mentioned art supplies, it mentioned unusual and eclectic stuff.  So I was there!

When I arrived I was very disappointed.  The fabric stash was about 8-10 smallish pieces.  There was next to nothing laying around.  I picked through and found a stash of some sterling silver pieces and picked several of them up.  I also bought an art deco magazine rack for $1. 

The most interesting of the sterling pieces was this one.  Yes, it is sterling silver broccoli!  Broccoli made of sterling silver, go figure.  I tried to imagine the reason for making broccoli so special and why someone would want a brooch celebrating it.  Must be a gardener, or a cook, or perhaps a veggie lover. 

The piece was marked Breakell and I decided to Google that name and sterling silver jewelry.  Imagine my surprise when I found this:

“Worn by Candidate Clinton during a debate with known broccoli hater President George HW Bush, this is the only piece of our jewelry to make it into the National Archive so far.” Source

That certainly makes me look at this broccoli pin in a whole new light.  It lets me know that it has Presidential roots and was in fact worn by a President of the United States, Bill Clinton.  Not this one exactly, but the original. It also lets me know that it originally retailed for $60.  It certainly makes the broccoli pin a lot more special!

Kind of cool, huh?