I found this little (about 1.5”) Native American doll at an antique mall a couple of weeks ago.  DSC02368 (565x1024) He was old and the package it was in said 1950s.  He certainly had the dust and dirt to prove it.  He was kind of cool.  He was CHEAP ($2.50) so I bought him. 

As I looked more closely I noticed that one of the dangles was missing from his headdress, and some of the chap (the red beads) were missing.  He did have a leather hanger on the back that was intact and he appeared to be strung on ropes which finished at his feet.  I started to worry I had made a mistake with this one. 

I decided to place him on Ebay and see what happened.  I have been surprised by other little things and how they did, so thought I would give it a try.  It would only cost about 65 cents to find out. 

Imagine my surprise when the bidding for this item got up to $16.50 before it ended.  The winning bidder let me know how much she wanted it and how she HAD to have it.  I almost asked her why it was so special, but didn’t. 

It just goes to show you, that the beauty of an item is in the eye of the collector.  Would you have bought him or taken him home?  I am still wondering why I did???