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I am late for September’s birthdays for Kate’s Birthday ATC swap and since it is October there are more to make this month.  So I decided to get them all taken care of in one batch. 

As I was struggling for an idea I kept thinking of taking a walk in the woods along the trail at Dutch Gap.  How the leaves sounded as they crunched under my feet, the colors on the ground, the colors of the trees and then it hit me.  That is my inspiration for the birthday ATCs. 

The card is a fabric ATC using mistyfuse to attach the fabric background, leaves, and bits of yarn to the ATC.  On top is a burgundy tulle netting to dull it up a bit.  The edge is satin stitched to finish off the card. 

There are 5 that were mailed, 2 for September and 3 for October.  I am now actually right on track for the remaining 2 months of the swap.