Some days life gets crazy!  You work and work and still you feel like you have not even scratched the of of the list.  I have an issue with not being caught up.  It worries me, it makes me fret, it makes me stress…  Not even getting something on the list done makes it better.  Welcome to my dysFUNctional part of paradise. 

I get crazy when I miss a deadline.  So I remind and remind, and make lists and leave notes, and on and on and on…it goes! 

The prep for the block party got me a bit behind in some of my monthly swaps that I participate in.  I tried valiantly to keep up, but I flailed and flailed.  I finally realized that something had to give and I needed to slow down and get it done when it gets done.  I was really starting to stress myself out over it.  Silly me!  I know I do it, but I still do it!  Welcome to my world!

Anywho, I am going to take some deep breaths, slow myself down. 

And here is what’s for dinner tomorrow.