DSC02337 (1024x692)The weather was cloudy and overcast all day.  We ended up under a small canopy the three of us.  It was fun as it was close enough to sit and talk, but not far enough to feel isolated.  In between spurts of customers we talked about crafts, thrift shopping, Ebay selling and buying, and   the latest tips and techniques.  It was really a lot of fun.

The crowd was steady even with the weather.  It never rained steadily, but spritzed every so often.  The musicians and the man grilling the burgers and dogs ended up on our side of the street so we were in the perfect spot to get in on the action. 

DSC02338 (1024x725)We sat right beside the musicians which played all day long.  We got to hear the Scottish master fiddler and the jazz quartet.  We were not too far from the girl scouts selling baked goodies and the man grilling our free lunch. 

It was a lovely day. 

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DSC02340 (1024x767) DSC02341 (1024x767)

DSC02342 (1024x766)

At the last minute I remembered I had nothing to display the earrings and necklaces on.  Then I remembered the black cooling racks I bought at Goodwill.  they were perfect.  At times it got quite breezy and the holes let the air flow through instead of knocking them over as my table took the breeze head on! 

The fabric covering the table is a piece of polyester that I thought looked fallish and I used some clips to keep the wind from whipping it off.  I finished off the look with a winterberry garland and some fall leaves.  It looked really festive and certainly like a little bit of fall.