DSC02236 (1024x726) Vallen asked in a comment recently for me to show how I display the paper dolls, Dotees and stuffies that I have received.  So I thought I would use this post to show you how I show off the things I have received. 

My craft room window is actually two windows side by side making one very large window.  On that window I added cafe curtains to shade me from the hot afternoon sun that shines through it.  On top of the curtains and pinned to the rods I used paper twist ribbon that was left unopened for a clothesline.  I use small doll sized clothespins to hang the items on the line. 

On the top is a banner that Christy made for me for a Thanksgiving swap which spells Thankful.  I thought it was appropriate to keep up so that I remember that I need to stay thankful. 

DSC02234 (1024x463)

DSC02235 (1024x508)

There are also other items hanging on my line.  A Christmas stocking Christy made me for a swap after I mentioned how much I loved one in the Anthropologie catalog.  The Japanese Owlies made for me by Jenny The Artist for a 1:1 swap, two uglies that Mary Ann made for me.  In front from some plant hooks hangs the Hanging Heart from Barb and a dragonfly mobile from another swap. 

Every time I walk in the room it makes me smile.