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The mail brought these lovelies from the Yahoo Handmade Mermaid Group Swap.  This lovely was made by Heide.  I have traded mermaids with Heide before and love her creations.  She designs all of them herself and makes them so whimsical.  The face on this one is covered with glitter so it sparkles in the light.  I love the embellishment and the vintage jewel she added.  So great. 





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This little lovely was made by Judy.  I believe I first met Judy through a Swap-bot swap.  We have been “friends” since.  It is amazing to me that amount of Dotees she makes.  She loved them.  This one is quite lovely with her flowing hair, her leafy details, and her shells and starfish.  I also love the bits of sparkle she added. 





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Thanks, ladies for an awesome swap.  If you’d like to see the 3rd I received and the 3 I created you can view them here.  Just follow the links.