DSC02155 (768x1024)This month’s MAD MAMMA challenge was to create a Mermaid paper doll.  It was using the pattern of this artist.  I had a lot of fun altering this doll.  Her background is scrapbook paper.  Her bra is fashioned from shells from a necklace I took apart and glued on.  The crown is made from friendly plastic to which I added a bit of gold embellishment and some shells.  Her hair is made using craft cord in two variegated colorways.   Her belt is created using some of my microbead haul from the weekend estate sale.

DSC02153 (771x1024)

DSC02083 (611x1024)Some other gold bits finish off her tail section.  I also stamped the background paper with my bubble rubber stamp in a light green color so it looks like she may be under water.  I finished her off with a pearl jewel where her belly button should be. 

Also, I received my tea doll from the Yahoo Fantastic Flat Paperdoll swap.  I love Berry Boop, her flowered dress and her teapot.  She looks sassy in her red heels and her jewels.  She is the creation of Kayenderes from Canada. 

I enjoy making paper dolls.  They are a lot of fun and a quick dolly to make. 

The swaps are a lot of fun and the postage is not too high.  It reminds me of playing with them when I was little.  Of course they were not quite so ornate.  Just a cardstock body with a paper dress with squares you flipped over to hold it on. 

Did you play with paper dolls?