I went to two estate sales this past weekend.  Both listed various items from lifelong collectors, both were run by estate liquidating companies, both were in nicer areas of Richmond.  Both had huge crowds. 

DSC02158 (1024x768) The first was a 60 year collector of pretty much everything.  She lived in a small two story house in the Westhampton section of Richmond.  From the treasures sifted through she was a seamstress, a doll collector, a lover of the finer things of life and a lover of fancy party clothes and France.  She had lots of dolls, a basement full of vintage patterns, doll magazines, lots of French books and sewing magazines.  I spent $22 and came out with a couple of vintage photos, vintage sewing notions, a 1966 Vogue Pattern magazine, a couple of old books (one in German and one in French), a Paddington Bear (my little thing), beads and a tin of glorious vintage buttons. 

The lady’s closets must have been packed as there was not an inch of any of the 5 DSC02159 (1024x768)rooms and the basement that was not covered with treasures.  She must have went all out for Christmas as she had the most humongous area of her basement reserved for Christmas decorations!

   The second estate sale was in my neck of the woods.  It was right on Route 10 so the drive by traffic alone pulled the bargain seekers in.  Talk about being a packrat!  This person had put packrat to a whole new level!  She was a singer and member of the Greater Richmond Chorus.  They were selling her scrapbook filled with over 30 years of memories of the chorus.  She was also a collector of everything.  The house and attic were packed.  There was a path that you could use to snake through the house. 

DSC02160 (1024x768)The entire house was packed and there were 3 outbuildings that were packed.  One of the buildings was a man cave filled with all kinds of tools and things for the guys.  One of the other buildings was devoted to Christmas.  Filled to the rafters with Christmas things of every shape, size and color.  The third building was where I spent most of my time digging was the craft storage shed.  I found lots and lots of microbeads, novelty buttons, flower trimmings, pinbacks, bits and pieces  of rhinestone jewelry, old watches, broken necklaces, a vintage scrabble game, some hand knit baby booties, a vintage baby dress from the Phillipines, a sterling bangle bracelet, and lots more stuff. 

The crowd at this sale was a bit more aggressive.  More than once I was elbowed, DSC02161 (1024x768)shoved slightly, or bumped by a bargain hunter not willing to wait.  There was hundreds of people in the house and grounds at one point with only one lady pricing and taking the money.  Not very well thought out at all!  While I was in the process of my items being tallied up a lady tried to butt in front of me.  Shoving her $3 at the lady telling her what she bought.  The lady ignored her which only made her more persistent.  Finally as she was taking my money and making change, she tried again to shove her money and butt in front of the line of people patiently waiting.  I was trying to put my purchases in the tote I brought when she about knocked me over.  I finally told her what everyone else in line wanted to say.   “Ma’am the end of the line is back there behind the gentleman in the ball cap.  We have all been patiently waiting our turn and I would hope that you would, too!”  DSC02162 (1024x519)Did I mention ball cap man was 10th in line?? 

So as I was walking to my car from the sales with my goodies in hand I realized that  estate sales are the rock concerts of sales.  They are loud, you get large crowds, you get sweaty, your get pushed and shoved by the crowds, and some of the concert goers are rude!  Would that keep me away?  Would that make me want to stay away?  Not on your life.  I love it, I live for it and it is what makes my heart race like nothing else! 

As a concert shows that people are talented, the estate sale shows that the people have a far different talent.  One for acquiring things, lots of things, and for  trying to go with the most toys.  For that I salute them!