If you missed day one or day two you can read them by clicking on the links. 

DSC02023 (744x1024)

Welcome to day (and doll) three.  This is the final doll and the final installment in the Mermaid trilogy.  You can read about the inspiration and their beginnings here

There are so many choices involved in making a doll.  There is the fabric to pick, the type of face to give her (clay, cloth, rubber stamp, etc), how to embellish and what beads to use, making the wigs for the hair, and how to wrap her for the shipment so they arrive in one piece. 

I will need to search for the right size shipping box for the dolls.  Since they are almost 12 inches long it will take a good sized box.  I try to make them fit tightly in the box with the bubble wrap and any other packing materials.  That way the jostling is kept to a minimum. 

I try to get a box that is about 1-2 inches bigger than the doll.  It saves on the shipping costs, too.  Trying to keep it under the first class weight cut off of 13 ounces.  Keeping it to under that weight cuts the shipping costs in half. 

DSC02025 (916x1024) DSC02026 (766x1024)

I may not make that this time as the doll is a bit heavier.  Mostly with the sculpey face and the shells encrusting her bra, but I will try. 

I hope you have not been bored with the posts about the girls for the last 3 days.  I didn’t want to make one of those posts with a lot of pictures and I also wanted to give each doll her due.  Thanks for hanging in there!