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If you missed the day one post you can read it here

Creating for a swap is a fun process.  You wonder as you are making the item how to make it stand out for your partner from the other swaps.  How do you make a doll spectacular?  How do you make a mermaid stand out from the other fishy broads. 

You sit and patiently wait for inspiration to hit and you never know what might trigger it.  A trip to the Goodwill in this case.     The ideas start to wash over you like a tide and you get swept away into your creative journey.  The mermaids start to take on their own personality.  They start to live. 




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I enjoy being creative.  Enjoy the process of bringing an idea around to fruition.  It is a marvelous process.  It does take time, but that time is well spent when your swap partners love the item you made.  When they ooh and ahh over your creation.  It makes it all worthwhile. 

Don’t you love people appreciating your work, your sweat, and your creation?  It makes the whole thing worth doing.