DSC02011 (978x1024) I posted previously about the Mermaid work in progress.  It took me one evening to cut out, sew, and turn them.  One evening per doll was spent stuffing them.  Next, came sewing on the arms followed by a couple of evenings embellishing them.  Then there was a day spent creating, painting and glazing the faces with sculpey. 

Sunday, I spent the day creating the shell and bead encrusted bras and gluing them and the faces onto the dolls.  Lastly I used yarns to create the wigs.  I truly spent the better part of over a week working on these dolls.  So want to take some time to show them off one by one.  I hope you don’t mind.  I am very proud of them and worked very hard on them. 




DSC02014 (602x1024) DSC02015 (617x1024)

DSC02013 (593x1024)

The mermaids were truly a labor of love.  I enjoyed seeing them come to life and watching them come together.  It was fun seeking out the bits and pieces I needed to complete them.  The shell necklace I bought to fashion the bras, tweaking the sculpey face mold so it would fit the contours of the head I glued it to, and picking yarns so that their hair looked somewhat like dreads. 

I hope my partners for this swap appreciate all the time and effort I put into the dolls.  I know I do and am sure they will, too.