DSC01971 (673x1024) The Yahoo Handmade Mermaids Dolls group is hosting a swap.  Since the group owner was busy I volunteered to organize it for her.  There are 4 ladies participating (myself included) and I asked if we would be willing to make 3 and swap 3.  All of the ladies were game so away we go…

The dolls, this time, have to be three dimensional and I needed to find a mermaid pattern to achieve that result.  While perusing the books at Goodwill I came across the book, Teach Yourself Cloth Dollmaking.  It had a great mermaid pattern in the book, so I bought it.  I find a lot of craft books at Goodwill and you cannot beat the price at $3 for hardbacks and $1 for paperbacks and children’s. 

I used Mendocino Mermaid fabric for the bodies and mixed them up a bit so each doll was different.  Stuffing them has been interesting.  I have had trouble with the arms since they are very narrow at the hands.  My chopstick has gone through a finger tip once or twice.  I have two of the 3 stuffed and it has taken me one evening each to get that accomplished.  Tonight I am stuffing the 3rd. 

DSC01972 (757x1024)  There are choices to be made still as I start the embellishing.  Will I make the faces from cloth or from sculpey?  What type of yarn will I use for the hair?   How will I bead them up?  What shells will I use for the bras?  So they are still a work in progress.  Probably another week’s worth of evenings in the final steps. 

We swap them on the 22nd so I have a little more time. 

I like that there arms move so they are a bit poseable.  My favorite part is that they are a bit voluptuous and they have a bit of “junk in the trunk”!

What puts the junk in your trunk?  For me, it is ice cream!