I mentioned previously that I was dog sitting this past weekend.  The house is located in the northside of Richmond off of Parham road.  It is a lovely area filled with older families and ranch style homes.  It is a quiet and quaint area.  The yard sales were also pretty good, too. 

Normally, I pick 2-3 yard sales to hit on Saturday based on the descriptions, the area they are located in or just a hunch.  I head out about 7 or 8 and then am back home by 11.  I picked 4 yard sales to hit in the area.  I scored some rhinestone buttons and brooches at one sale. 

DSC01966 (531x1024) At another I scored these.  The are vintage finger puppets in the original box.  I love the wooden heads, the animal faces and the vintage fabrics for their clothes.  Aren’t they great?  I think the donkey might be my fav!

DSC01969 (621x1024)

DSC01970 (1024x553)

I know on Antique’s Roadshow they make a big deal about toys with the original boxes.  So when I find it complete with the box I get excited. 

I also scored two scrabble games (for the tiles).  One set has the natural wood tiles and the other has a burgundy set of tiles.  A couple of 1950’s vintage sewing patterns and a vintage photo found their way home with me, too. 

It was a good weekend.  Tasha, the doggie, thought she would give me quite a scare when I arrived home.  I think I mentioned that she is now deaf.  When I arrive she is normally barking by the back door that I enter and leave through.  When I got there I assumed she was in the back yard doing her “business” as she was not at the door.  I found her lying on the floor a bit into the porch.  I said her name a time or two (yeah, I thought that right after I said it) and nothing.  Then I finally nudged her with my toe and she SPRUNG to life!  For a moment I thought in horror about making the call to my friend that I killed her doggie! 

To be honest, I think I saw Tasha laugh at me as she scurried in front of me into the other room.