I believe I mentioned previously that I search Craig’s List for local yard and garage sales.  I normally pick one or two that sounds interesting to hit over the weekend.  One estate sale intrigued me this week.  It mentioned a few of my favorite things: rich neighborhood, vintage jewelry, and lots of vintage items!  The other thing that caught me is that it started on Friday afternoon from 4-8 p.m. 

DSC01961 (1024x768)

It was also a great sale in that the family wanted to unload the stuff and had no real idea what it was worth.  Grandma was quite the collector of vintage and antique things.  She left quite a stash behind for a family that just wanted it goneAt Yard Sale prices!  Yard. Sale. Prices!  I picked up a pile of trinkets so large that I had to use both hands to hold it pressed against my body so I wouldn’t drop any of it. 

DSC01960 (768x1024)

One of my scores is this vintage (I believe Lucite) brooch and clip earrings.  With the exception of the pin to hold the brooch on it is all made from plastic.  A lovely translucent color of honey.  They are feather light, too.

DSC01962 (1024x766)  Next, was this cool woven seed bead belt.  The weaving is so intricate and the colors so lively.  There is only minor issues with this one.  None of the beads are lost, but a few have come out of their spots. 

DSC01963 (1024x768)

DSC01965 (768x1024)

This jet black beaded lovely station necklace it missing its closure.  I will have to restring it and add a closure for it.  But the faceted beads sparkle so much!  It is really lovely.

I also picked up several pairs of clip earrings, a few mismatched rhinestone earrings, a large rhinestone brooch, and lots of other miscellaneous trinkets.  There was a great pile (10-15) of vintage handkerchiefs.  Some with sweet embroidery.  I also picked up a vintage patchwork skirt that I originally thought was handmade, but then I found the commercial label.  It was made in the 1970’s.  There was also a little humorous quotation book. 

Wondering what my pile cost me?  The lady pricing it said $10, but I asked if she would take $8.  She did, I paid, thanked her and left. 



DSC01940 (768x1024)


Then, when I arrived home, I found in the mail this lovely Marie Antoinette paper doll from Kim S.  She is lovely with her glittery touches, her flower embellishments, and her little jewels.  What a great addition to my growing collection of paper dolls. 

She is the doll I received for the July Marie Antoinette themed swap

What made you happy this weekend?