I love little notebooks that you can carry in your purse.  It is great for jotting down phone numbers, noting an address, writing an idea or thought, perhaps noting a reminder.  I love that the black notebooks have an elastic strap to keep them closed.  What I don’t enjoy are the blah black covers of the Moleskin notebooks. 

DSC01954 (679x1024) Inspired by my wooden scissors redo I decided to take on my Moleskin.  Onto the black cover I mod podged pieces that I cut out from the instruction sheet of a vintage sewing pattern.  I then applied a pattern sheet over top of that collage.  I added an image from a vintage sewing pattern and then sealed it all with mod podge.  Then, I sewed on a couple of buttons to the elastic strap to finish it. 

DSC01939 (676x1024)

Now my Moleskin is cute, trendy and fits my personality a bit better.  Don’t ‘cha think?