Bitsy fit right in with the garden club ladies.  She had perfectly coiffed hair and impeccably manicured nails and always dressed immaculately.  She dressed for every occasion and never left the house a mess. 

DSC01957 (705x1024)Her cooking was legendary and her baking would make the local bakers weep.  Everyone loved her chocolate cakes.  She spent hours slaving over them.  Melting the chocolate in her double boiler, sifting the flower and baking powder, and perfectly cracking the eggs with one hand.  She kept her apron neatly laundered and pressed on a hook within the pantry door.   

She only had one small idiosyncratic tendency.  She stole other’s cakes!  Not because she didn’t want competition for her cake, but that she loved them.  Also, a lady doesn’t gorge in public so she took them home so she could eat them with abandon.  Indulging in every succulent morsel and letting the icing encircle her mouth and cheeks.  She even let the crumbs drip down onto her perfectly pressed blouse. 

Yes, Bitsy, took the cake.  Indeed!



DSC01956 (599x1024)


Bitsy is a paperdoll ATC created for the Yahoo Fantastic Flat Paperdolls July Challenge, Black Lace.  The background is scrapbook paper that I covered with tissue paper and then stamped using pink inks.  Her skirt is made from two tiered black lace that I gathered.  Her face is from a vintage sewing pattern and the cake from a vintage Baker’s Chocolate recipe book.   

She is headed off to live with one of my papercrafting heroes, Debra Schoch of Hop Hop Jingle Boo.  Wish I was getting a dollie from her in trade!