This month’s challenge from MAD MAMMA was to create a no sew doll.  DSC01914 (767x1024) It is batting wrapped around a chopstick and tied to form the body. 

This doll was made using strips of fabric that I wrapped around the batting and chopstick.  It was tied with gold wire and metallic yarn.  I also added some beads and various yarn fibers. 

Her face is made from sculpey clay and the flower behind her is a petal from a silk one that I took apart. 

I think I will call her Mother Nature. 

DSC01912 (510x1024)

I enjoy the various dolls that MAMMA finds for us to create.  It is fun to learn new doll styles.  It was really hard not to take out the needle and thread to create her, but she is held together with some thread, wire, and yarns, with a bit of glue here and there.