Babies are the sweetest things.  They make the sweetest faces and they smell so clean and divine.  There cheeks are made for squishing and they smiles will light up a room.  I have not had children of my own, but have been privileged to be an Aunt and a Great Aunt many, many times over. 

One of my friends is having a baby very soon and I wanted to make her something for her new little boy.  She has settled on a couple of names, but wants to see the little man before she decides what is his name.  Isn’t that a cool way of thinking of it. 

DSC01910 (768x1024) I decided to make her some bibs.  Something she could use for a while.  I tried a couple of bib patterns, but settled on this one.  They whipped up very easily and were a cinch to make.  I made four of them in less than 30 minutes.  For the closure I used Velcro as I didn’t have the snaps.

DSC01911 (733x1024)

The front fabric is a t-shirt like material and the backing is some very soft flannel.  Vicki suggested that I buy a terry cloth towel for the back so that she can wipe the face with it when they are done, but the towel I bought and used for bib try #1 was too thick.  I found the flannel on the remnant rack and got the 1/2 yard for about 2 bucks.  The half yard of each would have made 5 bibs, but I cut the front fabric for one wrong side up!

I don’t know if you can see the background of the pics?  It is a vintage receiving blanket I found for her.  It has some great vintage images on it.  As I was wrapping it up with the bibs, I realized it was a boy blanket.  It has images and the saying “Rusty nails and puppy dog tails”  on it.  It also has babies in train conductor outfits, cowboy outfits, and other boy things.  How great is that?  I bought it for the images, but didn’t realize it was for a boy!  The blanket is also immaculate, but has clearly been used and loved. 

They are inducing her on the 30th in the morning.  So join me in hoping that her labor is easy and her time is quick.  I am going to see her on Friday and hope to get a peek of the little man.