I hit a couple of yard sales Saturday in my area.  Yard sales for me are fun and I get excited over the big score and the little cool finds.  I am a bit like a crow or a magpie in that I tend to gravitate to the shiny objects that sparkle and catch my eye, but I am also drawn to the quirky and different. 

DSC01923 (628x1024)


One of the shinier finds is this sweet handmade felt brooch.  I love the beading on the edges that it is made in two pieces and the sentiment that is written on it in beads.  There is a safety pin sewn onto the back for wearing it. 

Someone spent a lot of time putting this one together and put a lot of handmade love into it.  The stitches on the back are barely visible through the felt. 

I wonder if it was for a Mom or a beloved sister.  What were the circumstances it was made for?  Was it a Mother’s Day present or for a birthday?  Perhaps it was a sentiment made for a loved one or part of an engagement or dating sentiment?

It was 10 cents.


DSC01924 (1024x849) Now onto the quirkier item I found.  This dollhouse stove fascinated me.  It is made from solid wood and painted to simulate a zinc finish with the white with black edging.  The handles are metal and have a darker red paint edging them.  The burners are made using some metal and the tines that hold the pots and pans over the “flames” are bent brads.  I also like the detail on the burner knobs and the oven knob and the cut out section for the griddle. 

It appears from the two lines on the back that there may have been a top section attached that was either broken off or removed.  I would guesstimate this was made in the 1950s by the style of the stove.  Does anyone remember playing with one like this?  The brads make me think it was handmade as a commercial maker would have surely used something else for them.

DSC01925 (1024x708) DSC01926 (1024x880)

I remember when I was little playing with my Barbie dream house.  She had appliances, but they were either made of plastic or were incorporated in the design on the wall and not useable.  I love this kind of attention to detail, but it was long before choking hazards and lead concerns.  It is amazing, at times, that a lot of us lived. 

It was $2.