DSC01899 (1024x759)Recently at the thrift shop I came upon a pair of plain wooden scissors.   I bought them as I thought they would be great in my craft room.  They were kind of cool, but they needed a bit of jazzing up.  Enter my trusty Mod Podge and pattern pieces. 

I carefully took them apart.  First taking out the hanger on the back, then the wooden peg holding them together.  Then eased a ruler between the blades to break the glue holding them together. 

After they were apart I added the Mod Podge and the pattern pieces.  I picked the piece with the text.  The words are all translations of sewing terms from the DSC01898 (1024x752)pattern. 

It only took one layer of pattern piece to do the job.  I also cut out some of the words on the pattern to fill in the spaces that were a bit blank on the scissors.

DSC01900 (1024x733)

DSC01901 (1024x768)

I really like the finished product as they are a bit older looking.  I like the color that the pattern piece added to the wood of the scissors.  They had a bit of age to them as they were not balsam wood white when I got them. 

I even embellished the “screw” that holds them together with the word hem from the pattern.  It fit it just right. 

I am not trying to find just the right place in my craft room for them.  It was a quick and easy 30 minute project, but what a difference it made!