I must admit that I love Converse sneakers.  Some might consider my love more of an addiction.  They are so comfortable, they are cool and they give my puppies some support as I walk about.  I believe at last count that I had 7 pairs of them.  Some in various patterns and some solid with fun laces.  There are red ones with cherry laces, blue ones with squirrel laces and on and on.

DSC01903 (1024x655)I have perused Flickr groups devoted to decorating them and even bought (on Ebay) a pair that had faces and flowers painted on them with crystals.  I this solid pair that I wanted to embellish, but was not sure how to do it.  Then as I was putting my latest vintage button score into the big jar of buttons it hit me…BUTTONS!  Lots of colors of buttons. 

They were really easy to sew on with just a regular needle and thread and they certainly brightened them up and added a bit of pizzazz don’t you think?