scan0001 (382x555)It amazes me that people let pictures of family go.  Even if you don’t know the person they are still part of your family and deserve to be held onto.  I recently picked up a vintage frame at a yard sale and this little lady’s face was the image staring back at me from beneath the glass.  She is pretty enough and to the parent, no doubt, a very sweet face.  Years later a relative, who didn’t know who this person was decided to let it go.  To discard a part of their family for the yard sale lot.  No doubt picked up by a dealer somewhere to go into a booth at an antique mall or someone’s yard sale. 

I guess I am too sentimental for my own good.  I have items that my Mother created for me that I have since outgrown, but I would NEVER part with them.  How could I as it holds a lot of her love and care?  I have some pictures that belong to my parents of their friends from a long ago New Years’ party.  I don’t know a single person in the pics, but  they are connected to my family and my history so I have them tucked in a drawer.  I only see them when I move them to get to something else in that drawer.  Perhaps, when I am someday gone family will go through that drawer and decide they are no longer worth keeping and toss them out.  Until them, they are kept safe and sound with their memories still a mystery. 


DSC01893 (369x1024) Speaking of black and white beauties…


This is the Dotee I received from Laura Ann for the black and white Dotee swap for my Yahoo Delightful Dotee Black and White swap.  You can see the doll I made for Laura Ann here

In case you are not aware of how the Dotee craze got started it was the creation of this lady.  Dot is a fabulous fiber artist who lives in Australia.  Her creations are lovely and her Dotee doll is legendary.  You can do a search on Flickr and find hundreds if no thousands of them.  There are lots of groups devoted to making and trading them.  Dot has created a sensation with her little dolly.